About Us

Aggressive land grabbing and deforestation for expansion of industrial agro-commodity plantations is causing a new wave of oppression in Africa, with devastating impacts on people, including differentiated and aggravated consequences for women. In the face of ongoing social and environmental injustice in Africa, defending people’s rights is crucial to dismantling corporate power and challenging the capitalist model of industrial plantation expansion.

Our Objectives

To document cases of human rights violations and environmental harm by industrial plantation corporations and their financiers in Africa and thereby show the systemic nature and the international drivers behind the adverse impacts and to visibilise the struggles of communities at the frontlines.

To expose the role of Governments in promoting private interests of Corporations over the public good in Africa as well as beyond, where the financial sector and consumption of agro-commodities are not regulated.

To Increase pressure on decision makers in governments to provide access to justice and protection for communities and put their rights over the vested interests of industrial plantation corporations in Africa.

To strengthen national and regional advocacy efforts of CSOs against industrial plantations in Africa and link those to international campaigns

To expose the adverse social, gender and environmental impacts of industrial agribusinesses on African communities